Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heels vs. Sneakers

Hola Closet Shoppers,
Hope you had a relaxing weekend as I did. On Friday I did step out to get my drink and two step on. I really wanted to wear heels but my right foot wouldn't let me (had surgery on it back in nov. so its still healing). I put a vision of this entire look in my head with the heels on knowing i couldn't wear the heels yet. Do you all do that? Have a vision of a fit and then put it on and see how it comes together. Sometimes in my head its great but, once I put it on its all wrong but not with this vision :).. Too bad I couldn't wear the heels :(. Boy what a difference a shoe can make in a fit. Anyways I had to at least take some pics with heels just so you could see my vision and another with the shoes I actually wore which were my sneakers. I'm a girl that loves heels and sneakers just the same. Are you versatile when it comes to shoes? Or are you one that only wears heels? If your a heels person I say buy a funky sneaker and incorporate it into your outfits and see the difference it makes.

P.S. I soo can't wait until this foot heels so I can slap some heels on these bad boys! Lol

Until next time,

Top-H.E.R Threads "Queens Reign Supreme" (i cut the neck of it so it could be off the shoulder)

Pants-Urban Outfitters
Shoes- BCBGirls (old) shoes.com

Sneakers- Nike Dunks Urban Outfitters

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mixing Prints Pt. II

Hello my fellow closet shoppers,
On Tuesday night it was my girls bday and we went out to dinner at this nice restaurant named Oya. The restaurant has a dim light setting with white furniture hitch was so refreshing.
I wore some pants from anthropologie, top urban outfitters and, fur collar asos.

At dinner I had tempura salmon and a burger with a fried egg on top items all so good!



P.S. this post was suposed to be out on February 26, 2013 and i just noticed it didn't upload properly smh sorry.

Repeat Offender

Hello Closet Shoppers,
Hope your week has been great so far. Only one more day until the weekend!!! Yay! Last weekend i was a repeat offender with a sweater I wore two days in a row. You ask what is a repeat offender? A term I use when I repeat an article of clothing which you will see a lot of in my blog. Some people feel as though they can't repeat clothes but I'm opposite clothes are meant to be worn more than once, sometimes you can switch it up to make it look different or you just may wear it the same but to a different event. Either way it doesn't matter as long as you look and feel good right? Right! Saturday i went to a friends house for and impromptu cookout and Sunday i attended the #BCFest (Broccoli City Fest) Below is the different ways I wore the sweater, hope you like it. Are you a repeat offender? If not don't be scared to be, it's all in how you feel and how you accessorize it up to make it look different.

Until next time

Shoes- MIA from TJ Maxx

Sweater- Nasty Gal

Shirt-H&M, Leggins-American Apparel

Harem Pants-Urban Outfitters (old)

Top-Urban Outfitters, Necklace- HRH Collection, ArmCandy-H&M, MK

What a difference a fur collar makes..-Faux Fur Collar- ASOS (a lot of people that the sweater and collar were one)

My friends and I at the #BCFest

Shades- DKNY Nordstrom Rack, Nails-Sally Hansen Blue Pacific, Bag-Louis Vuitton

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello Closet Shoppers,

Happy Thursday! Hope your enjoying your day so far. I just wanted to do a quick post of my work #ootd.
Shirt: Prabal Gurung for Target
Skirt- Banana Republic (old)
Shoes- Banana Republic
Cardigan- Marshalls (old)
Watch- Michael Kors
Hope you like.

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kaftan Two in One.

Hello Closet Shoppers,

The other day I was heading out with the BF and just wanted something very relaxing to wear so I opted for my Kaftan which I got from www.vintagefiendz.com. I've had this hanging in my closet for quite sometime now so it was def time to bring it out. I chose to put a belt on with it so I could wear it more like a dress. All I did was put a wide black belt on (doesn't really matter the size belt) and then just pulled up the dress over the belt, (like how you would pull out a tucked in shirt over a belt) and then made sure the length was even in front and back and Bam!, Lol there it is my kaftan as a dress shorter dress. Let me know what you think?

Until next time,

Kaftan-vintagefiendz.com/shoes-Betsey Johnson/Jean Jacket-Gap (old)


Just a close up of how I pulled the dress over the belt

Necklace-HRH Collection/Earrings-Shop-ALS

Monday, April 15, 2013

Work to Happy Hour

Hello Closet Shoppers,

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fun or relaxing weekend.
On Friday I had a friends happy hour to attend after work so I brought some pants and accessories to change into at work for the happy hour and I let my shirt and blazer be the focus point. It's crazy what a difference a pair of pants can make in changing up an outfit. Here are my before and after pics. Let me know how you switch it up from work to happy hour.
Hope you like it.


Blazer-H&M/Shirt- UO/Jeans Banana Republic/Shoes-Dr. Marten/Watch-MK/Rings-BR and H&M

Pants-Aritzia/Shoes-Betsey Johnson/Necklace HRH Collection

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Denim on Denim

Hey Closet Shoppers,

It's Thursday and we have one more day to go until the weekend begins :)... YAASSS! Do you feel my excitement? Lol there is nothing like the weekend and good weather don't you agree?

On Sunday I went to brunch with the BFand wanted to wear something chill so i threw on some jeans and sneakers. Sometimes I just want to wear loose fitting clothes, I get tired of everything being tight fitting at times. Do you feel the same at times too? So I figured I put on a jean shirt with my jeans and sneaks and I would be good. And I was. I quickly put my hair in this updo (if you want me to do a video on how i did it please comment below) and threw on a pink lippie and was ret to go! lol
I hope you enjoy.

Until next time,

P.S. If you want boy fitting jeans hop on over to the mens section in your local department store or mens store, thats wear I got these from.  Men jeans fit really good and give that boy fitting style that we want at times.

Jean shirt - Urban Outfitters/Jeans - AE/Jacket- New York & Co. /Sequins Converse -Net-A-Porter/Glasses Briant Atwood (Neiman Marcus for Target Collection)/Bag-Louis Vuitton/Earrings - Betsey Johnson/ Lipstick- MAC Pink Pigeon

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mixed Prints II: Black & White

Happy Wednesday Closet Shoppers,

It's 88 degrees today and I'm happy. Good weather just makes me happy, are you the same way? Lol :)
On Saturday me and a girl friend of mine went to see a live band that was playing with Scarface yes Face Mob! I've never seen him live so I was excited to see him. Here's pics of what I wore. I decided to wear black and white but you know I had to mix my prints, you all know I love to mix prints. :)
If your uneasy about mixing colored prints black and white is another way you can easily mix prints.

Have you tried mixing prints if so did you like it and did you get compliments on it? please leave comments below.

Hope you enjoy.


Bag- Forever 21/Earrings - Meldoy Eshani

Shirt -Nasty Gal/Belt -vintage/ Skirt- Nordstrom Rack

Shoes -Banana Republic

Watch- Michael Kors/ Bracelets -Shop-ALS.com & H&M/Rings -H&M and ASOS
Skirt- Nordstrom Rack