Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cocktails with Claire DC

Hello Closet Shoppers,

So Friday I had the chance of meeting Claire of Fashion Bomb Daily this was her third event of #cocktailswithclaire, she had one in Atlanta and another in New York, her last stop was DC.  If you don't know who she is you def need to check her blog out www.fashionbombdaily.com  Claire's blog keeps you up to date with who is wearing what and when, as well as the Fashion Bombs and Bombers of the day which are gals and guys that submit their photos to be featured on her blog to show their personal style which is one of my fave sections of her blog.  I just love her blog and I just love her she is one of the nicest people ever.  The event was a full house, she stated DC had the most RSVP's out of all the states.  She was so humble because so many readers/fans wanted to take pics with her and she took a pic with everyone who asked with no tude or no nasty facial expressions she was just so sweet and humble.  I really appreciate her because she def acknowledged her readers stating "if it wasn't for you all i wouldn't be where I am today, so thank you" and you gotta respect that.  Any who here are a couple of pics I took while at the event, of me the atmosphere and some styles i liked.  I opted to where my fave bell bottom jeans and a crop top with my camo jacket. Hope you like.   This definitely was a fashion, blogger and networking event so hopefully she will have one in a city near year, if so you should def go because i know I will go again if she comes back to DC.

Jeans-BDG Urban Outfitters/Top-TJ Maxx (old)/Jacket-gift/Shoes-Nine West 

Clair and I, her hair was laid and face beat.  She is gorgeous.
My friends and I, and our shoes. 
These were Ciroc Shots in a chocolate ball amazing! 
Forgot to mention they had appetizer going around served by some cuties. :) oh and the food was great and catered by Kitchen Cray located here in DC def might use them for an event. 
Loved his style! Def would be something i would wear, I need to follow more men blogs they insprie me.
She was working this fit.  A denim shirt can do so much.
You know I love stripes so I had to get a pic of her fit. 
As you can see the place was packed. 
Gift bags. 
One of the hostesses that helped put the event together. 
This guy was being silly so I had to take a pic! Lol 

Hope you enjoyeded the pics, until next time. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Meeting people on IG Pt.II

Hello Closet Shoppers, 

Last week Thursday I had a pleasure of meeting MsDanti someone I follow on IG and YouTube.  She is a great make-up artist her face is always beat to the gawds.   She was in town for the week and decided to do a meet up, so me and two of my friends went to finally meet her.  If your like me you feel like you know some people on IG like you have a connection and Msdanti is definitely one of them and she felt the same as well.  As sweet as she is on IG she was in person. 
I decided to keep it simple and just wore some cut offs and a top, therein a blazer to make it complete.  The weather here has been very cool and at night so you def need some type of cover up.  Here are a few pics I snapped with my phone.  

Blazer-Nasty Gal/Shorts-Urban Outfitters/Top-TJ Maxx/Shoes-Nine West

This is @MsDanti follow her YouTube for make up tutorials, she does amazing work. 
Until Next time. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

StarBurst (Color Blocking)

Hello Closet Shoppers, 

How many of you love to color block? Or maybe you may not know how.  But it's quiet simple just put on two or three bold bright colors and bam there you have it.   Don't worry if they don't match that's the entire reason of color blocking. Or you can wear all black and put ok a bright color bag or shoe and that's color blocking as well. It's all on you and how you feel but its that bright bold color that makes it a color blocking statement.   Here is an outfit where I color blocked in which I called starburst lol, since my top was bright like the lemon and orange in a starburst package.  I wore this outfit in New York to a day party that Chef Roble Host called #everydaypeople if your in the NYC area you have to check it out its every Sunday from 12-9p at Delancey and Ludlow.  Here's my fit and a few other pics that I snapped. 

Got a little hot in there so I had to put my hair up. 
Pants-Nasty Gal/Top-Urban Outfitters/Shoes-M.I.A via TJ Maxx/Bracelets-H&M/Necklace-HRH Collection/Rings Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters/Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs

Hope you like it. 
Until next time

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tie Dye on Tie Dye

Hello Closet Shoppers, 

So here is another outfit post from NYC. On Saturday my cousin and I went for brunch with a few friends and then we went to a screening of "2GUNS" which comes out tomorrow ft. Denzel Washington and Mark Walhberg I must say it was really good, action packed and funny.  I really enjoyed it.  So if you like action and comedy it's a must see.   I wanted to be comfy since when in NYC it's a lot of walking involved.  So here is what I wore, you know I love a mixed print but I decided to mix tie dyes instead.  Hope you like it. 

Pants-Urban Outfitters/Top-Runway Boutique/Shoes-Nike

Until next time,