Thursday, November 14, 2013

Changing up your look with four piece of clothing

Hello Closet Shoppers,
 So this post I just wanted to show you how I used four items of clothing two tops and two bottoms to get different looks and of course I threw a jacket in there.  If you want to make use of whats in your closet, you definitely have to make sure you change up that top with a different bottom or that bottom with a different top.. again don't be afraid to be a repeat offender that's what clothes are made for to wear them right? right! lol.  So giving them a different look when you wear them is key to utilize all articles of clothing in that closet.  Trust me no one will notice, and if they do who cares.
I used the top and bottom from my previous post to show you how you can change up these items.  Hope you like.

 Top-Philip Lim 3.1 for Target/Skirt-Urban Outfitters/Jacket-(old Nordstrom Rack/Collar-Asos

 Same Skirt with my "QUEEN" sweatshirt from
Seven coated Jeans from Loehmanns(I had on in my previous post)/Sweatshirt-HERThreads/Collar-Asos

Hopefully this will help you to switch up a few items in that closet so you can get full use of that wardrobe. 
Unitl next time

Photography by Denisio Truitt

The Difference a Coat/Jacket makes..

Hello Closet Shoppers,
Since it is fall and it's about to be frigid outside (if it isn't already!) I thought I would share an outfit post incorporating jackets and coats, so you can see the difference a jacket/coat makes an outfit.  I wore this outfit out to dinner for my friends bday last Friday, so I thought it would be great for this post. 
Do you own a lot of coats?  Do you wear them often or stick to one?  I have a lot o coats but I stick tend to stick to one favorite in which I need to stop.

 Blazer-Nasty Gal/Collar-Asos/Top-Philip Lim 3.1 for Target/Pants-Loehmanns (seven coated jeans)/Pumps-Forever21
 Cape-Thrifted, i am so in love with this cape i want to wear it everyday.  But don't you see how it totally changed the look of the outfit? And all i did was changed the blazer to a cape. 

 Rings-Banana Republic/Bracelet-H&M/Watch-MK/Necklace-HRH Collection

Hope you enjoyed until next time,

Photography by Denisio Truitt

This is post one of two in my next post i will show you how i used four pieces of clothing (two tops and two bottoms) and changed up my look.   

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Janelle Monae look for Halloween.

Hello Closet Shoppers, 

On Saturday night I was invited to a post Halloween Party.   I was trying to figure out who I could be because of course I had to shop in my closet for the costume.  So I came up with Janelle Monae easy right?!  I just had to borrow a tie from my brother and go buy a white collard shirt (crazy I didn't have one in my closet, it's definetly a staple piece to have) which I found in forever 21 for $10.  I kept my accessories minimal since She doesn't wear to much.  And I just twisted my here towards the front and looped it to the side and bobby pinned it.  And Bam there is my Janelle Monae hope you like it.
Cape-Thrifted/Pants- Rampage (old)/Top & Pumps-Forever 21/Tie-borrowed/Belt-etsy.

Here are a few pics I took at the party, people were very creative.
The Host. 
Hope you enjoyed.

Until next time.