Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Catsuit memo: 1

Hello Closet Shoppers, 
Hope your having a great Thursday!  So this post is about a catsuit of course and how a lot of women probably think that they do t have a body for a catsuit but I'm here to tell you yes you do it's all about layering.  A catsuit can be used in so many ways and this post will be one of many to show you how versatile you can wear your catsuit.  I definitely think it should be a staple piece in every girls closet.  I'm no size 2 so trust me when I say you can def get your wear out of a catsuit no matter your size (being as though your not wearing it by it self because i def can't do that not yet anyway lol).  I did two looks for this post and I kept both looks simple not much jewelry, sometimes simple is best, but it definitely will give it a different look once you put jewelry on  or even switch up your shoes Carrie Bradshaw said  it best, "merchandise it up, accessorize it up" :)  in which I will show you in future post because remember this is one of many post on different ways to wear a catsuit.  Do you own a catsuit?  If so how do you wear your catsuit?  Hope you enjoy this post. 
Look One Martens

Look Two
Cape-Banana Republic (old)/Boots-Nine West/Shades-Gucci (old) 

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Photo Cred: Denisio Truitt

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leopard with a POP of color..

Hello Closet Shoppers,
 So the other day as you know it was my bday and I hosted and event at my house here is the outfit I wore that night since it was still my bday I still wanted to be cute and festive.  A lot of people think you can't wear a bright color with leopard print but I am here to tell you YES you can! (lol)  To me I look at leopard print as a neutral color so any color can go with its just how you coordinate it.   So here I paired it with a yellow tank and my favorite and I do mean favorite cardigan that is turquoise (people that came to my event were trying to take it from me lol) and BAM there is my fit.  You can easily change the top to another color or even a crop sweater just depending on the look your going for or depending on what is in your closet but there are so many ways you can dress up leopard print.   Do you wear animal prints and if so do you brighten it up with a little color?  Hope you enjoy!

 Tank-AA/Cardigan-Nasty Gal (old)/Pants-I think Rainbow or a $10 store
 Necklaces-HRH Collection/Bracelets & Rings-H&M/Watch MK/Boots-Betsey Johnson

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Photo cred:  Denisio Truitt

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Birthday Fit

Hello Closet Shoppers,

Well it's Thursday and it's a snow day for me here in Md.  It's at least 8 inches out there.  I'm not complaining I'm just happy to be off to get some much needed relaxation.  Any who a week ago today was my birthday and I met a few friends and family at Ruth Chris for Happy Hour if you don't know, RC has a great happy hour with a $7 menu, yup $7!  Thank me later :).  So here is the outfit I wore on my special day, I just wanted to keep it simple but cute.  I kept saying i need to get some boyfriend jeans so i went to the thrift and went to the men's section and bought me some $11 men's Levis.  Quick tip in which i think i told you all before if you want BF jeans just go to the men's section and get them and even better hitting up your local thrift store will save you some coins. Hope you enjoy!
 Sweater-Nasty Gal/Jeans-Levis (thrifted)/Boots-Betsey Johnson
 Watch-MK/Rings-H&M/Earrings- thrifted
 Denisio caught me cracking up and if you know me this is the true essence of me, I love to laugh!

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Photo Cred-Denisio Truitt

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One year Anniversary...Outfit post

Hello closet shoppers,
 So today marks one year since I started this blog and I just want to thank everyone that stops by, leave comments, and likes my post.  I appreciate all the love!  I may not say thank you all the time but i do thank you all and appreciate all the positive feed back because i do this all for you!! Cheers to another year and many more :) xoxo..
Here is an outfit post of me on a chill day.  It's been so cold lately that I really don't feel like dressing up I just want to be warm and comfy so here is my idea of just that.  A tee, and leggings are always a perfect match for when you want to be comfortable and throwing on your favorite cardigan sweater or even a jean jacket makes it even better plus warmer.  How's your winter weather? Because MD is terrible I'm so over the cold! Lol  What are you wearing in these temps?
Tee shirt- Gal (old)/Leggings-BCBG(old)/Boots-Dr.Martens 
My new go toos, love these boots! 

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Phot cred: Denisio Truitt