Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Saturdays OOTD

Hello Closet Shoppers,

I just wanted to share my outfit I wore on Saturday to a bday party.  I got this lace dress from Zara the other day for 11.99 mind you I have been looking for a piece like this since last year but I gave up on looking because I couldn't find the right one.  So one day I go in Zara and this was there on the sale rack calling my name, it was love at first site. Have you ever stopped looking for a certain piece you wanted and then it shows up when your not looking for it?  I have so many plans for this I'll wear it as a dress, a jacket, bathing suit cover and who knows what else.   Sometimes certain dresses can be worn differently especially if it buttons from top to bottom it makes it very versatile.   On Saturday I decided to wear it as a cardigan/jacket if that make sense? With a bodysuit.  Hope you enjoy. 

Dress-Zara/Jeans-Topshop/Bodysuit-Urban Outfitters/Shoes-Nine West/Watch-MK

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Repeat Offender - Remixed

Hello Closet Shoppers,

In this post I wanted to show you how that no matter if you wore something already you can make it look different by pairing it with something else from your closet.  So I decided to show you how I put the sweatshirt I featured in my post earlier this week with the coat/jacket I featured in another post this week as well. Remember it doesn't matter how many times you wear it, it's how many outfits you can get out of it.  Don't be scared to repeat those clothes because that's what you bought them for is to wear it, right?  Hope you enjoy. 
Jeans-Thrifted levis/Coat-Zara/Sweatshirt-Dopeciety/Hat-Urban Outfitters/Bag-Banana Republic (old)/Shoes-Nine West
Told you all this sweatshirt is versatile, worn as a cowl neck. 
I'm in love with this hat yawl! 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sweatshirts and White

Hello Closet Shoppers, 

Hope your having a great hump day.  I am so ready for Friday to be honest.  Today's post is about 2 things first wearing white after labor day, I mean who made that rule up that you can't wear it after labor and why not?  I have always hated that rule growing up and never understood it so I have always been a rebel to this fashion rule and really is it a rule?  I don't follow rules I just do what I want and you should too. I feel as if white is definitely a good fall color and winter color so why should you stop wearing it until next summer?  Yeah no one has the answer, so that is why you should just wear what you feel no matter the color.  And now on to this this sweatshirt, I just love this sweatshirt it is so versatile and I think sweatshirts are becoming a must have in every women's closets because they are so comfy.  This one it's so many ways to wear it, makes you want to wear it everyday differently.  My friend Denisio that used to help me with my pictures for my blog but now has moved to New Orleans (insert cry face here lol) creates some dope clothing and this is just one of her amazing pieces called the 2.0 sweatshirt.  It's called 2.0 because its kind of like two sweatshirts in one. (she stated to me that this will be available for purchase again next week on her site http://dopeciety.bigcartel.com so if you want one please make sure to check her site out)  This is def one of those sweatshirts that you can dress up or down or just throw on anything and go.  But for this post I decided to dress it up just a lil.  Hope you enjoy.

Sweatshirt (worn as a hoody)-Dopeciety/Jeans-Nasty Gal/Shoes-Nine West/Bag-Zara/Watch-MK/Sunnies-Chanel

Sweatshirt- worn off the shoulder

Sometimes the off guard pics are the best.

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Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello Closet shoppers,

I know it's been awhile but I'm back.  When your juggling a new job and it's full time, plus blogging, time can really just move but I'm here to say I'm def going to try my best and give you at least one post a week.   So now to my post, fall is one of thee best seasons other than summer because the colors, layering and of course the coats.  Here's an outfit I wore yesterday to dinner.  These colors are some of my color pallets you will see this season.  You all know I love color but this season I'm thinking of toning it down for a bit. I got this coat the other day from Zara, I saw it online and fell in love I just had so many plans for this coat and this here fit was one of them.  I feel if you have a good coat your fit underneath doesn't have to be too much, it can be very simply since the coat is the statement piece of the outfit.  This is just one of the many coats I have eyed this season, tan coats and blush color coats are going to be the thing this season, just wait on it!  Are you a coat lover? If so what style and/or color are you looking for this season?  Hope you enjoy this post. 

Coat - Zara/Jeans & Necklace - Urban Outlfitters/Top - Forever21(old)/Shoes - Ninewest/Bag - Banana Republic(old)
Rings - Banana Republic(old)/Watch - MK 

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