Monday, November 14, 2016

All Black for the Holidays!!! Holiday outfit inspo #1

Hello Closet Shoppers,

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend that just flew by!  Just like this month is flying by! I can't believe next week is thanksgiving and then a month form that is Christmas then New Years.  I can't believe this year is almost over, smh!  So since the holidays are coming I figured I put together a few post to give you all outfit inspo for the upcoming holidays. You all know I love a jumpsuit and I love it even more if it is all black because black is slimming and makes every lady look great!  This jumpsuit you can dress up or down.  This I would probably wear to Thanksgiving dinner.  If you have a family like mine and know that when it comes to getting together and you don't know what adventures the night might take you on so you kind of have to dress for the day.  I made this fit pretty simple and just threw on a velvet choker and my leather jacket.  Another option is to also wear it with your fave sneakers mine would be my black and white Adidas shell toes and bring my booties just in case the family wants to go out that night.  Got to stay prepared when your with family around the holiday you know? LOL!   But this can be worn to Christmas dinner with a blazer or if you have a new boo and your meeting the family for the first time for the holidays I think this or any jumpsuit is good because it is simple, comfy and effortless.  All you have to do is accessorize a little and your ready to roll. Hope you enjoy this post. 

Jumpsuit/Rings/Choker - ASOS
Booties - Urban Outfitters
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Watch - MK
Jacket - Zara

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Shooter - Norman Jones. 

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